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Level One Nonsurgical Isolation Gowns - WHOLESALE PRICING | AWD Protective Gear

Used for minimal risk situations provides a slight barrier to small amounts of fluid penetration single test of water impacting the surface of the gown material is conducted to assess barrier protection performance.
Level 1 Gown: Minimal risk, to be used, during basic care, standard isolation, cover gown for visitors, or in a standard medical unit.
Recommended for: Transporting patients, basic patient care, clinical use, laundry, housekeeping.
  • Standard sizing- One fits all
  • 100% Non-woven
  • Full-cover provides safety and cleanliness
  • Durable material for dependent protection
  • Breathable material to prevent hot temperature buildup
  • Can be used in medical and tattoo practices as well
  • Available in blue color only

Material: Light-weight, spunbond polypropylene fabric

Test: AATCC 42:2000 Water impact <4.5g