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Face Shield - Adjustable - UNIT PRICING | AWD Protective Gear


Full Facial Protection from droplets, saliva, splash and oil.

Face shield is designed in the dimension of (approx.) 12.6*8.8 inch to provide a all-round protection for everyone. Wrap-around design ensures no invasion from the-top, side or front.

As the great combination of advanced technology and premium PVC material, Treated with anti-fog and anti-static coating to improve maximum visibility, durable and practical.

Can be rotated up to 120 degrees for easy adjustment. One size fits all (Adjustable strap closure)

Functions: Protection against liquid/fluid splashing

Gender: Unisex

Size: 10.94 in x 7.48 in

Weight: 1.3 lbs

Material: Plexiglass. Includes 1 PET Frame and 10 PVC replacements

High transparent PET, high elasticity foam head band and adjustable cord fastener.

Attention: There is a thin plastic film covered with each Plexiglass cover, please tear it off to get clear vision before use.